Crochet Hall of Fame


Tomboy Vintage Top | MIA flats | Joie Pants | Carmel Hat Co. Hat | Necklace (similar here)

We usually have to approach things differently when we want to succeed in our goals. That can be rethinking our plans, editing our profiles, approaching our careers on a different angle....
Just never stop dreaming, never stop moving. Even if you've got an annoying bandaid on your foot, like i do on these photos (sigh).

We took these photos at Point Lobos in Carmel. Hope you like them!
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Later, Teresita. 

Sparkle Plenty


Tomboy Top ( instagram @tomboysantacruz) | Vintage Skirt (ebay) | Zara Sandals (similar) | Vintage Clutch

Spring break is over and I couldn't be more excited to get back on track with school. We found so many locations during our time off and finished decorating my office. I'll add some photos on my instagram, so check it out @bornorigingal. 

This look was inspired by my love for sequin. When I put looks together for myself I try to remember the freeing feeling of being in Los Angeles. Nobody cares how much skin you show and it's filled with such eager confidence it urges you to express yourself to the highest level of you.

Click "see more" below for more photos. Hope you like it! xo

Later, Teresita.

Green Origami


I always wonder where I'd be ten or fifteen years from now but then I realize if I bother, all I'm getting is a sense of unethical euphoria. We can't really plan or semantically excite ourselves with our future because anything and everything will always get in the way. In the other hand, we could naturally use our endearment with our dreams and focus on ourselves and what we are doing now. How could you better yourself? How could you better your position at work or in school? Make friends, network and keep getting higher and higher until you get to the top. That's really what success is about.

It's all in you. Click "see more" for more photos below. 

Later, Teresita 

Classic Squares


Tights | Express Flats | Gap Dress | DIY Blazer | Coach Bag | Custom Hat 

Awkward silences bug me. I can't be left cramped in a dolorous soundless moment with people you know you'd find more than one thing in common with. You know, "ready for the weekend?" or "good Friday so far?" are great starters. But equitably sitting there, slightly starring at each other in harmony eventually gets uncomfortable. We only loose more and more time in voiceless torture. 

Let's drink a cup of hot something, relax and say hi. Let's start something different.  Click "see more" for more photos below. 

Later, Teresita. 

Sporty Black


For this weather, adding a few layers can go a long way. If we make believe our entire wardrobe was black and white, the looks we'd put together would always be special. This look was super "Im running errands on a sunday, right after a baseball game"...

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