My name is Teresita, Wardrobe Stylist & Designer based in Los Angeles, Ca.

I work with artists, brands, personal clients and production companies by designing the best & most unique styles that will attract consumers via editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, performances, and any public appearances. The result is a collaboration of both your key needs and what will attract new consumers, new fans and future collaborations.

I carry multiple degrees & certifications in costume design, tailoring, merchandising, business, journalism, communications and behavioral sciences. I keep up to date with my education to continue to advance my career and assist my clients in every way possible.

I work with numerous brands across the globe that allow me to share distinctive styles with my clients, exquisite illustrators that help bring our designs to life, talented tailors that are at my beck & call, and a knowledgeable team that will make our work together stronger.

Wardrobe is everywhere, style is indifferent, the art of styling your brand is personal and I will help you bring it to life.

"In this day in age, with true passion, we can succeed in almost anything. When you stand out, you help others break their shells of cultural beliefs. We are a new world of leaders, inventors and motivators. We have all of the power to help each other move forward into the future of harmonies and teamwork. We carry a variety of talents, and the partnerships are endless. Let's sync together to make the world a better place for each of us to succeed; there is enough room for all of us."