Shades of Grey

Our neon days are fading and instead of thinking of the weather as an accessory to an all black ensemble, wearing a particular hue in several shades can easily elongate your figure. Gray is my color and if you have a similar skin tone to mine, you'll easily whip out a stand out moment in all gray. There are hundreds of shades in this hue and the fabric choices are endless. Using one color in your entire outfit will play well with proportions just as much as wearing all black,

Instead of doing black, do a red or a white. One of my clients once wore a pastel blue (chanel type) suit, silk pastel blue top and metallic pastel blue sandals. Even though she was dressed in one color, it was simply breathtaking.

Try it and you'll love me forever. xx

Love, Teresita M.

Outfit Details below:

eBay Vintage Camel Cowboy Boots | Pastel Grey Gap Jeans | Multi Color Grey Macy's Bar II Sweater | STRIPE Grey Cashmere scarf (similar here) | Micheal Kors White Leather Bag with Chain