Fourth of July

It's always fun to dress up for a holiday. Especially when you have some inspiration behind it. When we think of Christmas, we mostly want to add green or red. When we think of New Years, it's white and black or even sequins. The easier ones are days like in fourth of July. However, some might find it difficult because of the range in color. It's a mix of red, white and blue; two opposite colors in a color wheel. Lucky for me, I found this dress with a tye dye mix of all three hues; I saved it for a few months. That's the thing, looking forward to your future, can be rewarding. So if you know you've got something coming up, start preparing for it now. Procrastinating won't help you. Get up early and take advantage of each hour in your day and life will take you to places you never imagined. Later.

Outfit Details:

Zara Jeweled Gold Sandals | Tye Dye Red White and Blue Dress from CVS | JCrew Brown Satchel | Black & Gold Celine Belt from eBay | Goorin Bros. Panama Hat