Mini's in Fall

This last season, you looked hot in your crop tops, mini skirts and breezy camisoles. I found that the West Coast fashion was fulfilled in staying stylish through the season by keeping the basic beach aesthetic in mind; versus chaotic weather changes on the opposite coast.

But finally, I just love that it’s starting to feel like fall, little by little. If you’re not ready to buy a whole new wardrobe, buying a few layers to warm up your outfit shouldn’t bare too much of a cost. The trick is to play around with different textures and fabrics.

One simple long sleeve sweater can be worn with a leather mini for a simple approach with a Parisian twist. You can pile a cool coat or a vest over a shearling jacket if it’s crazy cold outside. Layering is easy and can be done with several pieces in your wardrobe. Scarves and hats are super handy, since they add an instant flare while you’re cozier than ever. Plus, they add an extra sense of decor to your style, play with color and texture if you’re extra daring.

A few other layering tricks can be created underneath your clothes, like thermal underwear and tanks. They make you super warm and simplify your look if you’re going for simple and chic.

Outfit Details; click on the photo for more:

Bar III White Grey Sweater | Vintage Cowboy Ankle Booties from eBay | Black Faux Leather Mini Skirt | Chained (Gold) Kors Satchel in Off White |