Black on Plank


When frost bites, layering is one of your fashionable key goals. You don't want to look over layered because you'll look fresh out of (insert accent here) New York. Here in Cen-Cal that's considered over done.

We don’t want too much bulk. We don’t want things that are too short. We don’t aim for sweater over button up. We look at things in proportions and aim to tell a cohesive story about balancing your body type.

My body type is petite, with a short torso, longer legs. I focus on emphasizing that because I love looking tall. If you like looking cute and petite, a longer peplum blouse would be an essential. If you're like me, a long shirt split down the sides flows perfectly with skinny jeans and boots. Add something to split your body where you want the most attention. For my body type, I love bringing attention to the size of my waist. And tying a button up ties in well with my style.

For brand details check out my instagram @BornOriginGal. Wearing a long black short sleeve tee, black skinny jeans, black mid calf booties, a bucket bag and a black panama hat.