Blouse: New York & Co (find here & similar here)
Pants: Joe's Jeans (similar here)
Bag: Unknown (find similar here)
Necklace: Unknown (find similar here)
Shoes: Zara TRF (find similar here)

This week is a big one for me. Being able to deliver a sense of momentum towards things that you love should always be an essential part of your being. We can get lost in our currents and our superficial desires but once you look deep into your mind, you begin to understand your passions and goals. 

Success can come in different shapes and sizes...what really delivers is our hunger for bigger and better. We can sometimes confuse this with self indulgence...but when you're heart's all in it, you're simply concerned with how you can shape the world with your interests in a much deeper level. Enjoy your life and don't let time eat you alive. 

By the way, this "almost-silk" polyester blouse is rocking my socks off. New york and company has nailed it time and time again this year. Don't miss out!

Leopard Assets

Concert Ready