Green Origami

I always wonder where I'd be ten or fifteen years from now but then I realize if I bother, all I'm getting is a sense of unethical euphoria. We can't really plan or semantically excite ourselves with our future because anything and everything will always get in the way. In the other hand, we could naturally use our endearment with our dreams and focus on ourselves and what we are doing now. How could you better yourself? How could you better your position at work or in school? Make friends, network and keep getting higher and higher until you get to the top. That's really what success is about. It's all in you.

Later, Teresita 

Outfit Details

Distressed Helmut Lang Pants | MIA leopard ballet flats | Funky Elegance Green Crochet Signature Top (bought here) | Brown Distressed Vintage Suitcase | Custom Carmel Co. Black Fedora Hat

Sparkle Plenty

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