Bikini Weather

I was having a doppleganger conversation with a friend and we both agreed, it's kind of an odd thing to just jump into a bikini. It's far more than having confidence, I think. Confidence can mean so many different things. I'm confident in conversation, in skills, and in what I like to wear, but when it comes to a bikini, I have to sort out some kind of exhibitionist ambience within myself...

and that's not up to par in my growth spur right now. 

Don't get me wrong, there are probably several women out there that look amazing in thin pieces of fabric, but for me, that's just a no-no. Literally not much reason behind it...

it's more of a therapeutic pow-wow I'll have through the next few years.

This stunner got me flipping my hair back and forth and I wondered if I'd ever really have the guts to actually wear something like this. But I really do love it and will buy it, even to stare at it...frame it...

I might even bring it along to a trip and not wear it. But the thought counts at least.

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