Cowboy Belt

It's beautiful how many thoughts can cross our minds. You can be sitting by the window, watching the stars drip away from the sky and thoughts just overflow and take over in such a mysterious way. You could call it distraction, or day dreaming, but it's still a beautiful skill.

This belt is everything I could have asked for since I watched "The Devil wears Prada". Andy laughs at Miranda, while Miranda was dressing the model in the big red tulle skirt and turquoise western belt. I found it at an incredible shop in Santa Cruz, called TOMBOY. It has a mix of vintage and casual modern cool generously inspired on western wear. I wrote an article about them HERE.


Outfit Details:

Red Zara Suede Boots (Fall 2013) | Black Chiffon Zara Blouse | Red "Queen's Shoes Boutique" Flared Skirt | Vintage Brown & Silver Plated "Tomboy" Belt | Black Coach vintage bag (from eBay)

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