Nail Your Summer Interview in Style (TheCabVoice)

Here's a little sneak peak of my last article for the spring semester. I've based this article on what to wear for your interview at your soon to be job! This college news experience has been exciting for me, & I've learned so much. Communication is key, and understanding what you want for your future is your upcoming success. Dare to be you, dare to be original.

Nail Your Summer Interview in Style

"Summer has a killer sense of timing. And just like that, the semester is less than a month away! You either don’t need to work, saved and survived on tuna and corn for the last sixteen weeks or you’re looking for a job, like now. With final exams in the way, the sun couldn’t be any more radiant, the beach water couldn’t be any sweeter, and the flowers couldn’t be any brighter, however, the time has come to prepare for our temporary summer responsibilities...." 

More on next week! Later, Teresita.

Cowboy Belt

Shell Top