Pepper Le Dress

Summer party dresses don't always have to be the perfect solid color or the perfect floral pattern. Party dresses don't have to be anything but what you make of it. You could wear velvet pants with a sequin blouse, and call that party-wear. Or switch the blouse to a button up and call it work wear. There are several ways to determine what you want to wear for what occasion. The remedy...the potion...the simple trick you see, is to find the dress that speaks to you. Not the dress that you think you're supposed to wear... (unless your a bridesmaid, in that case, you have no choice.)

I can't help but wonder, whether we can be driven by who's wearing what, and how can we look even hotter than that. If only your outfit could be based on who you are. In that case, you'll stand out regardless. Later.

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Pepper Dress by Cameo from Fashion Bunker | Green Suede Flats by Zara Spring '14 | Blue Cat Eye Miu Miu Sunglasses

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