Classic: Patched Jeans

At the age of 5, my mother agreed that I needed to make my own fashion statement. From leather boots in red, pink and black and polka dot shirts in monochrome or rainbow, I always wanted to stand out from the stereotypical 90's ballerina in my suburbia class. I wasn't really allowed to listen to any radio music because my parents thought it would flood my brain with unnecessary judgment. Instead they let me listen to rock in Espanol which is "Spanish Rock". So over the years I would try to showcase my rock'n personality through art in my clothes. In the suburbia I grew up in, we had multiple fairs with local companies selling 90's merchandise, which of those included patches. So I'm totally going back into my #SantaCruz patch collectibles, grabbing one of my skinnies and ironing away! I can't wait.

DKNY seriously rocks.

Top to bottom: Cara De Lavingne, Runway DKNY, Song of Style.

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