Style is your first voice before speaking. It is the way that you have designed your appearance as a representation of your personality.

The way that you dress directly involves your confidence, poise, and the overall path in your life. Everyone has a reason to dress up, whether it's to add a white t shirt, slip on comfortable footwear or to feel sexy and successful. I believe everyone has a style in their closet and I can help restyle it to the person you have become today.

With my style knowledge and artistic expertise, I can help tailor that style to your life by restyling some of the items that you already own and advise you on items that would excel that wardrobe.

Someone once said, a stylist can open your eyes to a world you could not possibly have imagined. Together, we can create that vision and tailor it to your taste today.

Styling Services Available

Closet Restyle

      We talk trends, style and find new outfits using your current wardrobe. We organize your closet to maximize your time getting ready. (I advise on tailoring & donating clothes that does not magnify your majestic personality) Together, we'll find a wardrobe that truly reflects your updated style. This service is available for women, men, children, infants, teens in various life situations like new moms, going off to college, looking for work, newly employed, pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, or simply to freshen up your life.

Seasonal Look Book and Re Branding

     Applying your current collections, and creating a leading-edge brand for your store. Includes consultation, photography & editing at no additional costs, with a few extra treats.


     Feeling at a loss for time? You don't have to feel like a chicken without a head. During our complimentary consultation, you tell me what you are looking for and I will hunt it down. (This service excludes groceries)

Services include competitive pricing. Branding and styling should be fun, not fearful.

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