boot cut polka dots.

Its an unbelievably beautiful day to go thrift shopping with my darling.

The best way to feel relaxed in any tense situation, such as thrift to wear clothes that suits you. Something that is weather appropriate, looks great, and comfortable.

My go to item of course, all my boot cut jeans by Express. Ive had these babies for a little under 3 years. They still look just as amazing as the day they were purchased. Except, they fit better!
I used to be a fashion expert for a local express store, it was a fantastic experience.
Let me tell you, the jeans fit like a glove.You just have to make sure that the fit is your fit; and trust me they come in all types of fits that Express has available...they can even order the fit for you <3
Aside from the great fits, my favorite is the boot cut and the bell bottom. 
Ive heard all the bad news on different approaches people have with this type of jean. Trust me, I am a big ol fan of skinny jeans and leggings, BUT! I dont agree with the horrid comments for the boot cut and bell bottom jeans. Maybe the real question is, what fit are you? Also, what should you wear it with?
Always remember, it should work with proportion. I chose a bell design blouse, but because of the light fabric that it carries. it gives it a round look, but indeed it flows with me as I walk the sidelines. Go for the effortless look, instead of the "whoa there" factor. 
I mean, you're going shopping for crying out loud! <3
Work with your jewelry if you want to add a twist...or even a cropped leather jacket <3
A great leather jacket can really make a girl melt into pieces!

As for the lovely blouse, it was purchased on Ebay, by the lovely vintage store, Fancy Tree House.
Visit them here.

They have got an assortment of wonderful goodies! Their items, are worthwhile and pocket worthy <3
I just love the classic approach of a vintage blouse, especially one with a great assortment of bright polka dots. This blouse can be worn with basically....EVERYTHING.

Now, time to go thrift shopping <3
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Cada vez que quieres ir de compras, recuerda...
tienes que ir agusto, con ropa interesante, y que sea adecuada al tiempo del dia. 
Ropa que te queda.

Cada vez que salgo de compras, necesito recojer mis pantalones de mezclilla de la marca de Express. Tengo tanto tiempo con ellos, y me han durado muy bien. Parece como si fueran nuevo....pero ahorra me quedan perfectos...Sabes lo que dicen acerca de lavar tu ropa despues de que la compres...para que te queda perfecta!

Yo entiendo lo que dice la gente acerca de este tipo de pantalon. La pregunta real deberia de ser...que es tu proporcion de tu cuerpo...y que tipo de ropa te pones con este pantalon.

Acuerda cada vez que lleves un pantalon con campana, debe de caer todo con proporcion.
Lo que me encanta de esta blusa es que tengo mira redonda...pero cae con mi cuerpo cuando camino. recuerda de usar blusas lijeras o delicadas... cuando tengas un par de pantalones de campana.  

Si quieres algo que sea mas 'edgy" or mas de moda...en vez de estilo...esta bien. Intenta jugar con tus joyas....y con chamarras de piel. Como me encanta una chammara de 'leather'...puedes crear un look del 5 al 10 en un instante.
Acuerda de escojer tu ropa con tu mente...en vez de la ansia. Hay tanta ropa clasica que te puede quedar con tantas modas que son de hoy...y del futuro...incluyendo modas del antepasado....Es facil...mandame un mensaje y te explico mucho mas.

Esta blusa es una de mis favoritas...viene de Fancy Tree house. Visitalos aqui.

Ahorra es tiempo de hirme de compras...
Con mucho mucho amor, Adri.

 [Had to add this photo! My phone fell! and as i tried to reach it...picture time!]
Vintage & Glass Jewelry/ Fancy Tree House Vintage Polka Dot Blouse/ 
Express Zelda Boot cut Jeans/ INC Macys Black Low Wedges

you are mine, at last.

Love on Top, of a Vintage Dress