a cold day in crochet.

 "Today is a wonderful day, full of delight, as an ice cold breeze twinkles against my nose..."

 There's something so vivacious about this weather. It brings out the warmth in wardrobes,
and it honestly feels really nice. Sort of like a hot chocolate in style.
I know its about time that I add some more wild child into my ensembles
but muting our wardrobes from time to time isn't so bad after all. I mean, it is the winter.
I do want to incorporate some color into my outfits as well,
maybe a Kelly- Green Coat, and a bright yellow skirt?
Even a warmer update to my leopard flats...I think that'll do it. 
All you really need is a few items and your ready for the winter.

Peace of mind is always nice. 

One more thing that came to mind is being able to put together colors in your outfit. Im all for experimenting, but being able to understand that there is a coordination to an outfit means 1 millions statements.
When it comes to hair, if your outfit is already a stand out,
then leave your hair in natural waves or something tousled. 
If you have curly hair, try a beautiful bun. Even a straightened hair tucked behind your ears. 
If you have short hair, a nice combing back will do, with a simple chain earring. 
If you need a hat, then try the Coco Challenge.
I just purchased an exact similar hat at Macys for $12! You'll love it!

 Love, Adri.

 Urban Outfitters Skirt, Blazer, Thermal & Tights/ Vintage Coach Bag/ Express Scarf/ Twist Earrings/ Crossroads Gold- Triple ring

Sun Hat in December

Military Velvet?