I Can Get Used To This.

"...I never knew her backyard was so beautiful...mother nature naturally, is real beauty"

It was so cold this morning; another great item that warms you up in one second is denim & wool. The freezing 40 degrees allowed me to try both. I really wanted to wear my red pumps, so I paired it with my wool blazer as well. We had another meeting at work today & I knew a scarf would not be appropriate; but when its got the same essence as the fabric you are already wearing, 
I'm pretty sure it passes as a great addition to add warmth & vibration to your speech.

It's tricky to transition your wardrobe from one season to another; its not about the shopping or what everyone else is wearing. A change in weather means that you wear your go to jeans with a warm sweater and your ideal coat, or a breezy blouse with your favorite beaded adventurous, a smooth transitions can always be you...

This denim shirt was purchased in Spring, and it fits right into winter, my wool pants were purchased in 2009 and they fit right into 2011. 

To finish off my look I felt that adding some red would spice up my outfit. Instead of wearing low cut blouses, or extremely tiny bottoms, add a pop of color that provides you with vibrance. 
That is what really makes any woman, and any man a real fox <3

Love, Adri.

Nine West Red Pumps/ Urban Outfitters Wool Blazer/ American Apparel Denim Button Up/ 
Express Wool Ankle Pants/ Vintage Scarf & Accessories

Quando? Quando? Quando?

Cool Summer Days.