Cool Summer Days.

 "...we should try something new ..."

Most of the time, we can find ourselves wanting to try new trends...forgetting how important it is to believe in yourself and what you know looks amazing on you. 
Each year, hoping and praying I grow one inch, so I can finally fit right into a long trench coat.
This year, I beat myself to the punch. I thought to myself, I love vintage, I love crochet 
[especially because its so warm!]
and simple styles fit right into my small frame.
What do you know, my $10 vintage find was the right fit for me! Long coat, here we come!

I added a nice vibrant red lip, by Makeup Forever, and put it together with my wonderful scarf. 
[Every time I wear this scarf its because I miss my mother]
I swear to you, I have not ever tried socks with pumps! Although, I felt that it fit right in.
Don't be afraid to try trends a little later in time, just make sure that its more of a style fit, oppose to following something that does not go well with you. When it works, you just know <3

What do you know, it got a big warmer in the I took off my coat, and my silk blazer was just the perfect warmth and breeze that we all need.

Love, Adri

(Check out my tumblr for the Sally Hansen photo above) 

Vintage Long Coat/ Black Urban Outfitters Silk Blazer/ Express Polyester Tee/ BLANK Jeans/ Black Socks/
INC Macy's Croc Pumps/ Vintage Accessories

I Can Get Used To This.

you are mine, at last.