Quando? Quando? Quando?

"Every day seems a lifetime, let me show you the way, to a joy beyond compare"
-Michael Buble

This sequin cardigan used to belong to my mother. I'm so honored to pass it on into my lifetime. If there's something that you love wearing, even if its not what society accepts as appropriate....I say dare to be different. From my studies, Ive come to find out that society is more curious, than critical. Just smile and go on with your wonderful day! ^=^

On another note, Lee Corso blurted a few no no's on 'college game day'. I hope everything works out. We all make errors sometimes, but it doesn't mean fingers should be pointed. Remember, its not about what you did, its about what you do; and you're great just the way you are.

Off to the night with some lovely jazz; sweet dreams ^=^

Love, Adri,

Military Velvet?

I Can Get Used To This.