you are mine, at last.

Fall may still be the fact, but winters filling me with emotion, 
which only means one thing....
Singing Carols as I watch the sun go down
and the breeze thrill through my waves. 

I took a walk during my break & I come to realize its rigidly cold. Knowing the town I'm from, including its surroundings, the cities are driven by the weather. 
You never know why it went from 90 degrees to 45 degrees + rain. 
Which is one of the reasons that I love The Monterey Bay, its so unpredictable and interesting! [without a dull moment!]

The best thing about living here and being able to style myself, is the true fact: that I can re-arrange my wardrobe and only add a few more turn spring to summer, summer to fall and fall to winter, visa versa [hearts!] That's why its always so important to stick to classics. Trends come and go, but classics are here to stay!

My poncho was purchased about 20 months ago at NY&C, and they do have a new version this year with some extra spicy details [which in fact can be DIY'd]. Ponchos are a go to piece for 50+ in this area, but whos going to stop me from wearing it now? No-one [wink]; I love a timeless piece, so why not start today! As for jeans, you cant go wrong with a pair of Levis, they're effortless and timeless! 
My shoes are just the key item to my outfit, always remember to choose that one spicy item to your ensemble to really key in your style; I'm infatuated with color this year, so here you go!

Blue weather, blue season, blue skies....perfect for some blue shoes.

New York & Company Wool Poncho/ Banana Republic Wool Vest/ Urban Outfitters Thermal Sweater/ 
Levi's Boot Cut Denim/ Vintage Pump & Cream Leather Bag

Cool Summer Days.

boot cut polka dots.