Simple Look: From Winter to Spring!

There is one thing that I love doing, and that's putting together outfits.

Many stylists like to put their own twist into things and add their style to the stylee.
But, just because you love the way you dress 
doesn't mean the person next to you wants to look the exact same way. 

A good stylist can dress you....but you'll always want to add that one thing that makes it you. That's what I love to do.

Overall, I can explain my style as being classic, but when I style someone I need to know what their take is on fashion. Whether it be due to the "Right Look", the "Weight/Height", or the "Trendy".

We take into consideration the size, the shape, and the form of clothing. I tend to grab a piece of clothing, and if I love it, I melt for Rachel Zoe says: I DIE! So going through the items of clothing, and providing an understanding as to what the item of clothing is going to do for your body, is KEY to any ensemble.

So, this is my take on an outfit going from Winter 2011 to Spring 2012, for you.

I added one entire look from day to night.

This dress is ultimately genius! For those of us who prefer a more subtle taste to what exactly forms our bodies, this dress is perfect. Its not tight onto your curves but it does provide you with that taste of just the right amount of feminine power (aka: the meow in your movement).

I work back and forth through buildings, 
so I want something comfortable and tasteful that I can wear from 9am-5pm. These pumps are perfect; the color is muted, the fabric is divine, and the height is just right. Check them out here.

Now as for the jacket, I always go for my blazers. It adds a perfect professional touch if you're not already wearing a button up. This blazer from GPV is perfect for those days that you want a much more historical approach (vintage)

When it comes to jewelry we all have our own take on it. My take is "minimal goes a long way". I always wear my mothers wedding tennis bracelet, a ring that she gave me as a gift, and my engagement ring, so my choice of jewelry is always a great pair of earrings or a nice simple necklace. Ill go for earrings this time. Coach is excellent at designing the most simple jewelry, as is Kay and Tiffany. Although coach is much more reachable for us, so these earrings are phenomenal for any look; I've tried it, it works for all looks I can think of.

As for a bag, I like to go for a classic, always. Something that you can carry to work, to events, to camping, and even to visit your brother at his mechanic station. Coach is known for the classic effortless approach, plus its always a great price. I love classic bags because you can wear them from 1930-20??. I have bags of all ages and as long as they're in good condition, I'm all for them! 
As long as you save up your dollars each month, you'll be sure to have one.
[I know because I'm a super saver; its worth it]

Now after 5pm, I like to change into something much more fun. Even though I do recognize I can carry my work clothes into the night, Id rather twist it into a much more comfortably social ensemble.

Loafers are my favorite and have been my favorites for years and years...luckily their trendy now, so please get some!!!! These are just perfect. The Steve Madden shoe can either be a staple you love or a staple you cant stand. If this isn't the baby for you, try Ebay. They're just as wonderful, and Ebay is known to have an extremely wide selection. Most of my loafers are purchased from Ebay.

I also have a go to cropped leather jacket [by Plastic Island, that I love!] but I felt that this one pictured was just amazing! the whole structured and architectural idea of the jacket, is plain and simple...effortless. Its extremely out of pocket for any imaginable mind, 
but you can check it out at Neiman Marcus.

Now, if the night gets a bit more chilly through the night, carry some sheer tights, silk socks, or a wonderful scarf. This is my go to scarf when I'm feeling a little chilly ^=^ 
It's so WARM! and its must have. If you're into leggings that's also great! Try them with a mid length-ankle length riding boot, and you're look is good to go.

I hope you like what you've read! 
Ive got to go sign on to new classes for the Spring semester. 
Everything seems to be jumping back and forth for the new year...but its exciting! 
Change is always good!

Hugs and Kisses, 
Love, Adri.

And something blue.

I Can See!