Sun Hat in December

"...a few accessories always go a long way..."


This week was a bit a bit of a conversion for me. 
Monday through Thursday, it was one of those weeks 
that I would wake up to the sun, ready for the lovely day ahead.
Anticipating my daily walk, I'm about to take my mid day break...& it's as windy as a sand storm!
 I haven't mentioned it much, but coats haven't been the fanciest item of my ensembles.
I guess sometimes I can focus so much on a certain season, 
and love it so much that I forget that its time for a huge help in warmth.
This year, the summer days were miraculous, especially because I just moved. Its all still so new!
So, how do you wear your favorable outfits without sacrificing your body from reaching mild hypothermia? 
A great wool  item of clothing! Makes an outfit from bland to snap! A favorite staple for the winter.
Thankfully the degrees heightened, and the day didn't darken until late afternoon.
A great beginning to a favorable weekend <3
Now we know, that doing the right thing isn't always easy, but its worthwhile ^=^

Love, Adri.

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Urban Outfitter Black Pants/ Silence + Noise Beaded Blouse/ Urban Outfitters Black Silk Blazer/ Jessica Simpson Pumps/ Macy's Sun "Coco Challenge" Hat

I Can See!

a cold day in crochet.