another person’s wildflower

"...just a collection of my recent photos..."

(fish eye is a requirement for exaggerated fun)

 I've decided, I must get started on grooming my back yard, like a fresh hair cut on a poodle. 
But first, some pre photos for my black and white class would probably be neat.
You know theyre always looking for the next big funky th'ang.
The way I see it is, a plant is a weed only within a certain context,  but if you can note that weeded plant within a certain context, you can find that one person’s weed is another person’s wildflower.
 A new fence, some grass...maybe a nicely stained deck. Something simple.
(Don't forget to follow your city code regulations for renovations, I know Ill have that first on my list )

Tweed Cropped Jacket
Free People Blouse 
Joe's Denim
Vintage Choker
Prada Bifocals 
made.well suede loafers

Queue for Warmth

For ever more.