For ever more.

Just Settled In


 Ready for another day in the life of a ... gal.
You're nearest boutique is the greatest place to visit for a quick accessory run.
Unique, lovely, and intriguing...but that's not the plan for today.
I'm looking for something old, something rusty...that I may make my own. 
How my mother always said, the flea market is the best place to begin.
There's a lot of things she used to say, which plague my brain with wonders.
A lot of promises too, and she always kept them well.
When you make a promise...and you break may brush it off smoothly. 
What if the promise was made long ago to a soul sailing in the heavens? 
Would you break it then...I wouldn't; & I still wont.
Micheal Kors Chain Bag 
Vintage Wide Brim
Custom Necklace; My Mother
Navajo Cropped 3/4 sleeve
Steve Madden Flats
Joe's Denim 

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What to Wear: Lace Dress