"...there is more than enough time..."

 (love a spontaneous brunch!)

The challenging perspective of arranging a schedule, around one area of time...awakens your potential. 
You really are able to do everything you put your mind to. 

Life's vision is to give you a different perspective every single day,
leaving the day to day not so bland after all.

 "...because current is obsolete...and modern is yesterday, or tomorrow..."
Every day is different & it doesn't have to be the same story.
So, I left it to, shopping, eating, and a night in for a movie.
(a usual drastic change to a power week)

As for the shopping, it was only a tad bit of damage,
but I'm excited to wear my new necklace tomorrow...
Funky Elegance (Salinas, CA) rocks for having such great accessories 
(& loads of spontaneous clothing)
Have you been in there? Its adorable!

 Love, Adri.
 The Limited Color-Block Blouse
Joe's Jeans High Waist
Mossimo Straw Platforms
Lucky Brand Necklace

Chained Soles

Happy Hunting (W118)