"...I was asked to define love, define humanity, define hatred..."

 I've been on an immense journey to find the best veggie burger out here in the central coast. I've been lucky to state the following top three: 
  1.  Roger's Diner
  2. La Buena Taqueria
  3. Capitola Diner
 Ive also learned that many popular restaurants don't have a veggie burger, they have a dry napkin between two buns, and at times they just give you a grilled cheese. No Bueno.

Now, its time to clear my mind and answer this lingering question. 
Define Love, Humanity & Hatred. 
Love is not a luxury, without it, humanity cannot survive. Love is understanding that a piece of your heart can leave you, and you still feel inside as a part of you.
 & hate....hate is like drinking poison and expecting everyone to die. How why would you do that for? <3

Time to breathe in this ocean air, I love this.
<3 Adri.

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Key Pieces for my Summer 2012

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