Made Well Denim

 "...hold yourself together..."

Nails by T @ ProTop Nails, Watsonville
Madewell Denim Vest/ Joe's Faux Leather Skinnies (worn with Nine West Sandals)

It's interesting when I bump into a fun commercial, which is always now a days, you either have a laugh, a surprise excitement, or a "o-em-gee" moment. These days we're getting a lot more surrealism oppose to fiction, which is enticing of course. But then, there's that all in one moment where an exciting host presents a commercial with Rihanna.  Truth be told, it seems like we're going to get a pretty good story; and Oprah is perfect for the role. Ive chosen to believe that we all make our own decisions, and the decisions that we make shape our destiny.
Only you know what you want, and only you are your own enemy.
 AND please tell me you've heard of the kid that's been bashing on both Khloe & Minaj...
...what the apples mary?! 
Perfect example of, please dont pay attention to anyone but your own.
Hold yourself together <3

Have a great Saturday everyone!

It's time to welcome our new addition, Betsy.
Thank you afrp!

Love, Adri

"Buckle me Breeze"

Van Halen