Resuscitate Me

"giving up just doesn't make any sense"

Found at the Market: LOST Renaissance bag / Vintage Gold and Silver Studded Chain Cross-body

I came up with this stratification. There’s a lot of competition… basically speaking, on everything. But you only live once. So giving up just doesn’t make any sense. Follow you dreams and you will succeed, wake up, and if you gave up, resuscitate… and live again.

As for our dream this Saturday…we wanted an actual productive day where we could make it to the market on time. The best times are between 6am and 1p. We made it at 12p and boy did we make it on time. It hasn’t been as successful with its variety of vendors. Although, it was enough for a good Saturday in August. We bought this set of “cocktail hour” signs to sell, because my fiance is a fantastic picker…my own American picker that is. But they look great in our condo. So we kept them.

Love, Adri.

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Roaming the Halls

"Buckle me Breeze"