"...learn from the heart, not from the book..."

Its back to school tomorrow, and I have no idea where my classes are. Plus I need to keep in mind, it's 45 miles away from work. We all run into a circumstance here and there.

Here is a check list of "Important Items" that every student must have:

- A Coffee Mug
- "You Are Here" Maps; it always does the trick.
- Notebook (It comes with paper and its nicely organized already)
- "Sticky Note" Dividers
 - Pen, Pencil, Eraser
- Highlighter
 - Earphones

Keep in mind that your first day will consist of reading the syllabus. Dont overwhelm yourself. A white tee, quilted vest, and skinny "sevens" will do just fine. Happy Sunday.

Love, Adri.

7FAMK Ankle Denim/ Express Blouse/ Nine West Sandals

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