Beauty First

Saturday Life Lesson:
In order to be the best, you need to feel the best first.
which means, what is your right moisturizer, your right makeup, your right hair color, and your right smile. Remember the origingal days where your parents friends and co workers used to run up to you to grab your cheeks, touch your hair and tell your mom how cute you were...well you're still the same person! You've just changed a bit...tried other things that maybe didn't work out...or worked out but doesn't work anymore. 
I know that I've been there and I've done that.

Of course, who doesnt admire someone who seriously knows how to pack it on...I wish I could do all of that and a bag of chips...but at the same time, they know their trade. I know that my make up routine consists of a various amount of products thanks to my obsession with CVS and Macy's, but I know that no matter how many different things I use, I go lighter than the normal use. It took a while to understand but what better way to live and learn. (Especially when you've got YouTube!)

So, try something new. 

You deserve to bloom; be origingal.

Love, Adri.

Think ... Pink

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