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Footwear accessories are a great option for anyone that wants to add a bit of rebellion into a look. It feels freeing. If you haven't tried it, I cant think of any better way to wear it than in footwear. It seems to be more of a trend than a classic, but of course, anyone who doesn't know of a mary jane would say so. Here is my bit on absolutely adoring anything "ankle":



Zara Basic Sling Back/ Vamp Velvet Shoe/ Pointed Heel/ High Heel Sandal

and of course, Zara has been the forecast of this wonderful trend.
As for my own collection, Im lurking through pixie market at a specific ankle strap that Ive had my mind on for quite some time now. Maybe I'll wear them to of today, I still have no idea what Im wearing. 

Love, Adri.

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