"... and I know what my feet move for..."

 Let the Sunshine In


Life is filled with unexpected circumstances; whether it be a surprise project, running late to work or befriending someone new. The one thing that matters, is knowing that you can get through it, by getting through it. Beating yourself to the punch, and stepping one foot ahead. 

I'm wearing Gap distressed jeans, belt and simple tee, w/ankle strap Zara heels, and my Plastic Island leather jacket. I'm also wearing Calvin Klein sunglasses.

I can't live without my leather jacket, I wish I would've gotten it in the brown as well.
Sometimes I feel that getting things in two colors, matters. If it doesn't work out, sell them.
What have you got to loose?

ESPANOL: Aveces siento que no puedo vivir sin mi chamara de piel. La hubiera comprado en cafe tambien. Prefiero comprar mas de un color cuando estoy facinada. Si no te gusta eventualmente, vendela. Como puedes perder de esa manera?

Love, Adri.

Location: Santa Cruz.

Soft Like a Petal

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