This morning we had a mission to wake up and do all of our homework tasks...of course it was our due day. Procrastination is horrid. 
(BTW: We're studying Photo Journalism and Web Design)


It was a defining moment where deciding what city we would photograph would make the worlds difference. We decided on Santa Cruz. I cant believe that no matter how many times I go through town I always find something new to establish my knowledge of this city. I love to travel, so here we go.

I wasn't planning on doing a look of the day this day since Ive been revamping my shoe collection...I'm seriously overwhelmed with how tired I am of my shoes.
But, it was such a beautiful day, and my lipstick has been rocking my world. From red to oxblood, to orange and now pink. I'm really experimenting these days. (Check out my lookbook for more photos)

What have you changed in your look?

If you are in town, meaning Santa Cruz, California (not Brazil)...please visit the "Verve Coffee Roasters". I'm dying to go back for that sweet latte...<3 


Love, Adri. 

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