To Belt or Not To Belt

 "...Fall is just around the corner..."

I dont depend on accesories to make or break my outfit. What means the most to me, is the fabric.

What better way to break my (1) rule, than with a new belt.
Ive got a few in my set collection, including a beautiful silver wide chain belt. You know, the one that mom used to wear in 1994. That one. Browsing through Zara, Pixie, and Everlane in the middle of the night, I bumped into these beauties on Zara. Theyre both 29.90...surprise.

Until tomorrow,
 We've got a big surprise for my mother in law, and I'm in the middle of watching "Drive" as my only Saturday "break-time". Action movies tend to remind me of red rice, they require too much attention.

Love, Adri.

Chained Belt/ Gold Plated Belt

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Roaming the Halls