Inspired Look: Proud To Vote

I made a skirt once out of USA Flag Fabric. It was genius. It was sort of like a tulle skirt, so I seemed like a fairy voter at the voting premises in town. I dont remember what I did with it, but it must be somewhere in my storage. 

Today, I was browsing through madewell to shop for a few new office looks and I thought it would be fun to play dress up the day that I go vote this next month. Also, I was thinking it would be fun to make an information video on youtube for what specific codes and props are about. I know a lot of us are used to just checking things off like nothing...but honestly it makes a huge difference. Once I realized how serious it was...about 6 years ago...I started reading through the small italic lines. I was flabbergasted.

But isnt it just so much more exciting to play the part too!
Here we go again:

The young at heart

The quick run from the office
I'm skipping class today (btw: I do not condone skipping class!)
 I have Monday off

Check out my for my quickie weekend inspired look!

Love, Adri.

Polka Dot Wooden Nail Polish Rack

Think ... Pink