To wear summer in spring or spring in summer? 
 For a typically beautiful chirping birds kind of morning, it's nasty. It's raining to flood in the bay and I needed a manicure. Meaning, this is a perfect day to watch movies with the babe and the kittens, re-do my nails and drink hot cocoa. Yum in my tum tum!
Although at this very moment, I have mixed emotions about the cold season vs the sunny season. If it would be cold without the rain, I wouldn't mind it so much because wearing warm neck wear, booties and linty beanies feels like home. It's also giving me prudy-proper societies approval to feel and look incredible. Prudy proper meaning if you're not wearing a blazer around here, your probably another student about to be laid off in 2 months. However, I typically ONLY wear blazers for work, by choice, so topping it off with a fat wooly coat is oh so dangerously out of the box.

For mine and yours entertainment...
Kenzo Spring 2013
Kenzo Summer 2013

Love, Adri x

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