Kittens & Leather

Style Leather Boots (similar here and here) | Kitten Blouse (similar here) | Feather Skirt (similar here) | Cranberry Rachel Roy Coat (similar here) | Black Beaded Vintage Clutch (similar here)

I have three kittens and any kitten lover knows you must own a kitten shirt. I opted for a blouse. I'm hoping that I can find a kitten sequin skirt, how cute wouldn't that be? I'm sort of imagining an animal loving 3.1 Phillip Lim version of KaPow's (Sigh')

To top it off I've been wanting a pair of ankle leather boots. I've been eyeing these from Zara but we did a quick stop at Macy's for my Christmas Party and tada I found these babies. At first I was thinking "I'd rather bring home another pair of sparkly Madden flats" but I overcame with sadness as I was thinking of placing them back on the shelf... that I imagined I couldn't live without them. I think that's all it takes really, put them back on the shelf...if you look back, you need them. If you don't look back, keep walking! 

Love, Adri.

A Little Sparkle

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