Nine West Sandals (similar here) | Sequin Express Dress (similar here) | Mustard Seed Skirt (similar here and here) | Plastic Island Leather Jacket (similar here) | Collection Eighteen Straw Fedora (similar here)

Holiday parties are not simply for night time. This year, my family is going to try a day time sort of festivity. So I'm dressing up my mannequins in day time looks for the "I got to go here, here and here on Christmass Eve"

Since it's so cold, even my windshield is frosted! Therefore, my first thought was booties! I just grabbed an incredible pair at macy's (actually it was my first open gift from Eve). Boy was I in for some troubling suggestions. I went with a sandal and felt that I would just run into the party instead of taking my sweet time ruining my pedicure. I mean, atleast I can try to act high maintenance. In reality, I probably just want to have a story to tell when it's my turn to summarize what's happened in the last year. Just look at these shoes...

Love, Adri. x

Kenzo 2013

Studded Sandals