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Honest to blog, I am a CVS beauty product junkie and if you follow me on IG you'll notice I've been adding a couple of Target Hauls as well. I like to try different products because I need to make sure that I am using the best products for my hair type and skin type. Right now, I'm sure I have about 10-20 products I use but the following are my most recent buys that I cant go a day without.

The mother of pearl is a simple pteria sterna/mineral oil cream with vitamin C that leaves your skin soft as a nearborn petal. I use this for my after and before make up moisturizer. I been using it on a few hand scars as well and they've been disappearing day by day. Typically I prefer a nice coconut cream, but this does the trick for me.

John Freida is my go to anything for my locks. This Full Repair collection is just it for me. I've always been faithful to the "Dove Deep Moisturizer and Split End" treatments except ...Full Repair doesn't make my hair oily. That's always nice!

Not Your Mother's Beach Hair is my most recent find. OMG this spray is genius. I used to use a more expensive brand before that I cant even find anywhere anymore. This bottle has both saved me for a couple of starbucks runs and an entire lock down on ebay trying to search my old brand. It's actual texturizing spray that I use as a substitute for hair spray. I try not to use hair spray as much as possible. But if I do, I like Herbal Essences <3

You can find the above products anywhere online, at CVS and Target.

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