Mustard Skirt | Target Knit Sweater (similar here and here) | Vintage Doctor Bag | Zara Ankle Strap

One thing that I really have enjoyed lately, is wearing my skirts with oversized knits and sweaters. I've been meaning to try it with long levi's denim jackets. It reminds me of 2nd grade when I would watch my cousins walk to school in their big wavy bell bottoms and severely oversized overalls. It was carefree just like it is now. 

Since we are in the school topic, I know so many are returning this month! How exciting! Some of you are probably not as excited as I am but I seriously love school. Besides the bullying and peer pressure, school can really be such a positive factor in your life. Always keep positive and stay happy. If you are not comfortable in your scenery get out of it. Switch schools. It is sort of like changing out a pair of uncomfortable sneakers. Once you switch them out, everything just looks so much more pleasant. 

Stay out of trouble and don't forget your beanie!

Love, Adri. x

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