Purple on Purple

I tend to think about the future in one too many ways. 

Yesterday morning I wanted to have an inspirational conversation on what we look forward to, in one word. We came up with "success" and "inspiration". Because of course, time is about experiencing new ways live and what better way to live than to plan; when you can. 

This bracelet is one of my mother's personal treasures, and it really reminds me of Versace's Spring and Summer 2013 campaigns. I thought it would be a good color to coordinate with my purple ensemble. I added my white bag just because I missed it and I really wanted to wear it. Plus my leopard shoes were just the right nitch to top it off. Wear what you want, as long as you feel "great" in it. Great is a big word isnt it? Happy Monday!

With Love <3

This Beanie

Red Pre Spring