Two things to think about here. One is volume and the other is color. Where do you want to emphasize color and what portion of your body do you want to emphasize? A longer tail in an a line skirt gives me hips I was never born with. The high and low is just a trick to the eye and a good way to emphasize legs and make them look longer. Plus it's a good way to hide your hoo-ha. (oh!)

The chiffon blouse in a high color tint simply allows you to play with color, but it also attracts the viewer upwards. You want that because a bright color is always catchy, it stands out and it tones out the monotone black and white. I don't know if you can notice, but I also used a blue mascara which I felt played well with the blue blouse. Great conversation piece too!

 What are you wearing for spring?

To My Roots

Elephant Broach