Target Pink Satchel | Zara Sandals (similar here) | Urban Outfitter Jeans (cropped DIY) | Plastic Island Cropped Silk Trench | Gap Sheer Button Up | DIY Sunglasses (as seen here)

I am not the girl that would be caught dead wearing pink but this satchel is incredibly attractive and a serious nicce (neccesity)! I grabbed my fiance's cropped jeans and all i was missing were my big hoop earrings. A road trip to LA would have seriously finalized the touch. 

Overall, this day was pretty exciting. We had to take several photos for a project and thought might as well capture the moment. If you are ever in the central coast, the location was set in the "watsonville sloughs" and it's a pretty long walk way. I'm sure you will enjoy the scenery <3

with Love.

Elephant Broach

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