Ear Gauges

We are all so used to being told that wearing something or doing something out of the ordinary is "not right". Well, who's the boss of that? Only you can decide what is right for you and only you can decide what makes you happy. 

One of those "abnormal" things are gauges. I got my gauges about 3 years ago and I absolutely love them! I don't regret them but I do get irritated that you can't ever find a good glamorous earring! The closest thing that I have found is wearing ear cuffs or digging awesome earrings into my gauge, because I REFUSE to take these babies out of my ears. I'm working on something that helps gauge wearing "us", stay fabulous!  

In the meanwhile, these flower earrings are the closest thing I've found to be appropriate and adorable. I found them on eBay and they're called "Blooming Lotus Flower Plugs"

with love, Teresita

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