Free People Zig Zag Motorcycle Jacket | DIY Fringe Short (Prior Armani 90's Leather Pants)

Happy Saturday!

I don't think I've been as excited about summer as I am this year. For some reason, the idea of short shorts, bikinis and a soothing pina soda just make me squirm with excitement. Plus, being in California kind of adds a bit of anticipation because I don't know what beaches I'll be visiting. We are actually planning a couple of beach visits to Los Angeles the top of my list is Santa Monica Pier, Leo Carrillo State Park and Venice Beach; yum! 

I'm also definitely taking these glasses with me. I'll post a DIY this week for sure! I've been inspired by what I want to do over this next year and one thing is touching a starfish. I'm due for an aquarium visit anyway!

To switch things up a bit, since I don't post 24/7 I was thinking about adding each and every single piece of any new wardrobe to my Polyvore list so that I can share my outfits with you more often. Maybe that'll actually push me to take photographs and post within 12 hours! (giggles)

Love, Teresita.

Minnie Mouse Ears

Fit and Flare