Skirt: Merona Leopard @ Target | Shirt: Madewell Denim | Bag: Dooney & Burke Satchel | Shoes: Zara | Glasses: H&M

Mother's day had the most beautiful weather so far this year. We decided to take a stroll to the park because I feel closer to the sky when it's laying bare on my skin. The beach would have been just as wonderful but going through finals wouldn't get us back home by 12pm!
On another note, this outfit is something I would definitely consider an outfit for work or to meet the parents. Except I'd probably like to see the skirt as an A-Line (in leopard). It would be much more feminine as it either accentuates or evens out your curves.  Leopard can be worn in many ways and not seem lewd whatsoever; and this is a perfect way to pair it together. Keep in mind, that if you are having slim of a hard time zipping it, go up in size. Even this leopard skirt would seem obscene if it was too tight.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have a huge day today and I can't even wait!

with Love, Teresita.

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