Minnie Mouse Ears

About a week ago we attended a cute little "Minnie Mouse" themed birthday party. Besides the adorable birthday girl, they were handing out these headbands. Aren't they the darnest thing? I didn't make them but I definitely wanted to wear them. I thought these would be perfect for a quick Disney trip. My girlfriend has never been and I feel like a surprise trip is definitely due!

How To: Minnie Mouse Ears

1. Glue both ears onto the headband by placing the headband between the two circles and fold in. 
2. Place the bow in the middle.

Voala! This also looks pretty cute without the ears. I felt "the ears" were a sweet effect because we all sort of got a little "Yoo Hoo" in our step from time to time.
Look coming soon! <3

with love, Teresita.

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