You know, I know this seems crazy, considering how "classic" I tend to be, but pink hair has always been a huge desire of mine. I've never considered coloring your hair to be part of a punk rock revolution.

So, I've been letting my hair grow, every so often adding some balayage lowlights...but just a couple of months ago I drastically changed it back to black. I miss my ombre, so I started diluting the color again. My color always fades so it definitely helps dilute my black strands naturally. 

The Bardot Bangs are the easiest comb-over so I feel like bringing them back into my life. You can easily do an up to or leave it down and feel like a total muse. It gets in your face so you can just blow it off ever so slightly...I'm way too excited. What do you think? Would you do pink?

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with Love, Teresita.

Camo Distressed

Leopard Stud