Shorts: Urban Outfitters (summer sale)
Top: Vintage

 We were on a normal walk downtown Santa Cruz to pick up an incredible cup of coffee at The Verve. When we were heading home, we noticed a huge sale at Urban Outfitters. I picked these shorts on sale for about 75% off. That's a pretty incredible summer sale. 

They sort of remind me of some old military pants that used to be hidden in my friend's  garage. As soon as I turned 16, I started cutting all of clothes, whether it was jackets, shorts and even sweaters. Skinny jeans, cut off shorts and crop tops weren't in during my high-school days. So when I would watch the NROTC groups walk by...I was inspired and I always imagined, what would those pants look like if I cut them I don't have to wonder anymore! Have you found anything cool lately? 

love, Teresita.

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