I finally did it! Even though I've only had it for one week, it's been a little rocky to keep it updated. I first had a salmon pink semi dye that was so cute (photos to be posted soon)...but I decided I wanted more of a bubble gum color. So I found this one by N'Rage Color in Bubble Gum Pink (purchase here). Before you add semi dye, be careful blonding your hair. Take your sweet time and if you've had blonde hair before and dyed it darker for the season, then use a diluted process that will literally erase the dye from your hair back to a much lighter shade. I would always recommend having some experience with hair or taking your strands to your neighborhood recommended colorist! (if you're visiting a hair stylist, always ask for color experience and examples) 

I might change the color later on in a few months. I'll definitely keep you updated!

with love, Teresita.

Fashion Runway Friday Night

Camo Distressed